EuroGreen is our quest for a better world. We see no reasons to delay the transformation of the flexible packaging industry into an environmentally sound business. Leading the way towards a new era of flexible packaging.

Today’s consumers are aware of a product’s environmental impacts. This extends also to the product’s packaging, which is valued for being sustainable as well.


The transition to a circular economy is a necessity if we wish to create a better and more sustainable future for our children and the generations to come. We need to make the most of our limited resources and recycle the materials whenever possible. The future of plastic packaging is in recyclability, enabling the transition to the circular economy of plastics. At EURO-M, we are aiming to design flexible packaging solutions that are recyclable and completely integrated in a circular economy. Our objective is to offer 100% recyclable film solutions as a standard in our business within the next 2 years.


Traditional polypropylene films are made of fossil-based resources. Furthermore, the production of traditional PP raw materials lead to significant greenhouse gases. The waste generated by synthetic polymers across the globe has become a critical environmental issue today. The ecological hazards caused by plastics have heightened the need to find alternatives and it is in this context that bio-based PP has gained significance. At EURO-M, we are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives to traditional oil-based raw materials.



Another aspect of sustainability is the development of biodegradable film solutions. Our R&D works on a daily basis on these new films with an excellent carbon dioxide balance, as substitute for the classic packaging films. Referring to biodegradable films important to know is that a film made from renewable resources or bio-based raw materials is not generally biodegradable. And conversely a biodegradable film does not have to consist purely of renewable raw materials.

EURO-M Flexible Packaging is ambitious and aims to become a pioneer in the next generation of flexible packaging. Our objective is to have a significant share of bio based and biodegradable films for various applications within 3 years. This is our contribution to a better environment.